Friday, December 26, 2008

Canidae dog food

I don't know if anyone has been using this food but we have for over 2 years and since opening a new bag it contained worms which we returned immediately and was given another bag. This bag had no worms but the color and size looked different. We didn't think too much of it and fed the 2 older shelties. Sam started with yellow smelly diarrhea and scratch and biting his legs and feet. then he started vomiting indigestive food this made me start looking at what could be wrong with him he had no energy and was just not right. Molly only would eat part of her food and walk away again not normal for her she was very gassy and her stools loose. She too itched and bit at her legs. Mia had no problems (she isn't on that food). My daughter went on line and discovered that Canidae has changed the food and there are allot of sick dogs out there. We immediately stopped feeding the food and changed to another. Sam and Molly are getting better but still not up to their normal activities. They were on this food about 2 weeks maybe. I am putting a web site here go to it if you use Canidae food and read the problems that have occurred. Please pass this on to anyother pet owners so they maybe informed.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day where has the time gone I can't believe that after all the preparations and planning Christmas has come and is ending in a few hours. I look back and feel somewhat sad that it has ended. I won't miss the shopping and traffic but I miss the look of excitement in my granddaughter's eyes and the anticipation of what Santa will bring to her and her brother. The daily phone calls she makes to me (3-5 times aday) telling me she is "so excited and happy that Santa is coming". I will still get the phone calls which are highlights in my day but Santa will be a topic left for next year. I also at this time of year get to see alot of my family that I don't get too see as often as I like such a busy but happy time. Now we head into the cold quiet winter where we don't see anyone as much as we go from car to the house quickly. The wood stove will be on all day and I will be baking bake beans and soups and stews alot on it. we get heat and cooked food from one source :) I received a new digital camera for Christmas and can't wait to start using it I hope to be posting more pictures now. We had a sonogram done on Molly last Monday and she didn't conceive on her breeding we are disappointed and had hoped for a litter but we will have to try again and hope that the next time we are luckier. I always try to see the glass as half full and not empty as we can't change the outcomes but accept them as they are. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas .

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Before the Night Before Christmas Almost

Well this is it Christmas is just 2 days away and I am as done as I can be. The gifts are bought and wrapped and ready to go under the tree or to be delivered. I haven't baked my cookies yet I may get to them but if not they will be done before New Years. I also have to make my French Meat Pies for New Years. This is a tradition from my great grandmother who came from Canada. My grandmother passed the recipe down to me and I will pass it on to my daughter and daughter-in-laws. I also make molasses cookies only at this time of year they also came to me from my grandmother but this grandmother was from my mother's side and her (my great grandmother) was from Ireland. It is a special cooking time when I make these items as they always bring me thoughts of happiness of long ago times. I remember cooking with my grandmothers and the talks that we would share and the little but special parts of my growing that stayed with me to this day. I hope that everyone has a "special" holiday memory and that you pass it down to your children to be shared for many many years. I can remember going to visit with my grandmother and she had a big kitchen stove that was heated with kerosene and she would put a slice of bread on the flat burners and then flatten the bread with a heavy pan or flat iron in less then a minute it was toasted and she would butter/jam it and give it to me we call it flat toast and it is delicious. I can remember sleeping over and the smells of her house and the clocks ticking in the quiet of the night. So many memories.................. I wish all of you such happy memories with your children and families. Enjoy each day as it is special and only comes once.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Clean Up Day

Yesterday was a snowy day we had about a foot of snow fall and that meant the snow blower, and shovels had a workout. Linda and I had stiff backs from cleaning the deck and stairs off all day. Then last night we tackled the driveway, walks and finally paths for the dogs to use. Sam, Molly and Mia (her first major snow) were just little out of control :o). Mia who is on the small side found she had to keep jumping and leaping to get through the snow. Molly and Sam took advantage of this and decided to get their revenge on Mia as she constantly is after them. I have posted some pictures which I hope you enjoy. After being out for a couple of hours they all came in got dried and warmed and fell into comas. They never moved all night. Today was another day to play and tomorrow we see more snow fall and ice. It looks like it is going to be a long winter. I'm looking for a early spring and gardening this cold weather is tough on the joints :)
We have our Christmas trees up one is a 4 foot artificial that Linda puts up early Thaksgiving night. The other tree is real and varies is height and width (depending on what we find in the tree woods). This year Linda was conservative we made the height and width with no problem.(I always think of Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation when we cut the net off the tree one time it is going to go out the windows .) The Christmas tree aroma is wonderful.Mia is on a daily mission to see how many ornaments she can steal and get out the door with. She has managed to get a few out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm Still Causing problems

The ice storm that hit central Massachusetts and New Hampshire last Thursday night into Friday is still impacting many people over 125,000 in Ma. and 95,000 in NH are still without electric and cleared roads. Schools have been closed to January and many people have had to move to shelters as they have no electric, heat, water, and some damage to their homes and they can't stay. Pets are in shelters too with cold weather settling in. Yesterday my husband and son went up to our other's son home in Wilton, NH they took chain saws, lamp oil, batteries, and my son's ATV. With my husband ,Bob, supervising the boys cut and moved limbs and trees before it snows again this week. They said it was like a sight from a movie you went from no damaged areas to towns that are still impassable with electric wires still down and trees blocking the roads. Signs are set up with messages for the motorists and town people updating information. Some areas may not have electric till after Christmas. They arrived back home late last night tired but happy with the work they accomplished. Neighbors helping neighbors, family helping family during hard times is what bonds us together. We are very lucky as is my son that when you are in need someone is always going to come lend a hand and help get each other safely through. I hope you all have people that you can count on (I think you must as I read your blogs and see where everyone offers each other positive feedback and words of comfort when needed.) To all of you I wish a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Promise of good heath and a improving economy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We were lucky in southern New England as we only had 4-5" of rain, however my son and his family in Wilton, NH had a ice storm. They are without electric for at least 4 days and thankfully have a wood stove for heat. My son sent me some pictures before he lost electric of just his yard. He said every minute or less you could hear trees falling. it will be a long time for the trees to recover if ever as the longer the ice sits on them the more damage they incur. Mother nature has her own way of setting things up to remove and start new growth and life. It has been this way since the beginning of time and it seems to work so I say we trust mother nature to keep us in balance. On another note we use Canidae dog food on the dogs we opened a new bag this week and found it had worms in it UGH! We returned it and they apologizes but we will check every bag now so if you use this food or basically any other please check it. I am still fighting this horrid cold hopefully it goes soon. Linda tells me we are going into the woods today to find our Christmas Tree (this is a 4 hour hunt) as we locate a tree but keep looking to make sure this is the "BEST" then we can't find it again so we walk the area for forever it seems. Today I am going to bring something to mark it. The dogs enjoy it they come home exhausted. Well, I have to go start laying on the clothing. Have a good day

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday rush and possible special gift

Well I realized today that in 2 WEEKS it is Christmas Day. I keep telling myself that there is plenty of time left to finish that shopping but now I start to panic and know I had better stop procrastinating and get moving. I've had a terrible cold the past few days and not much energy, but this is it tomorrow I SHOP. As I mention in a earlier post we bred Molly and her ultrasound is due on Dec. 25 (but we are going on Dec.22) It would be a very happy Christmas if we are told she has puppies. They would be due the end of Jan. when things have calm down post holidays. This would be our first litter as Molly was pregnant(single pup) last Dec. and the vet medical facility that is suppose to be the best in this state left her unattended (2 hours), refused to allow us in with her and as she delivered alone they then took the puppy left him in the sac and never tried to resuscitate him. We will never go there again. In our opinion they killed her puppy as he was perfect and a good size. They apologized and changed their policies but not in time for us. So as sad as last Christmas was we have hopes for this Christmas. These are some pictures from our "little snow fall" last weekend. Mia had never seen snow before and we couldn't keep her in. She and Molly play catch me if can and who can get more snow on the other.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Typical New England Weather

We went from a temperature of 14*F with a wind chill of 3F to this morning a temperature of 62*F and 45MPH winds. We had a little snow over the weekend now we have mud. the dogs are running in the yard and covered in wet mud the wash tub will be in use today:) We live on the coast of Rhode Island (the smallest state ) the views from the coast line are beautiful. We take the dogs to the water whenever we have the chance they love it Mia thinks she is part or all water retriever as she just wants to get wet. We have the Newport Mansions where the rich and famous have lived and now are tourist attractions. Fresh seafood comes in daily at the fishing piers and we have local produce in the summer. Being a small state you always meet someone who knows you or your family.Conversations usually begin with "Hi aren't you related to so and so" Rhode Islanders hate to travel if you have to go further then 15 mins. to get somewhere bring a lunch and consider staying over (I'm not kidding) And if snow is forecast there is a run on milk and bread! I have lived here all my life as has my husband,Bob. Our children are in RI except for my oldest son who lives in New Hampshire with his family they love the mountains.The dogs are in and looking at me with the hunger look so I have to go feed the crew.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We are a relatively new Sheltie showing family. My daughter, Linda and I have been showing for the last 4 years. Along with the support of my husband we have enjoyed meeting many nice people. Sam our male sheltie is our loving pet (and my husband's baby) but Sam has no say over the 2 girls Molly and Mia. Molly comes to us from Laureate and we love her to pieces. Linda shows her and Molly is now at a good maturing age. We have just bred her and I will keep you posted on the outcome. Mia is 8 months old she is a little on the small size and so we are giving her a little more time to finish filling out. Mia however thinks she is the one in charge and never stops. She is perpetual motion from morning to night (Hence her name PaRay's Catch Me If You Can). We have a pet door that never is idle someone is always running in and out or chasing someone.