Monday, January 26, 2009

Trip Planned

Well today was a nice surprise day Linda and I are going to the Westminister Dog Show. We have never been before and can't wait to go. Hope for decent travel weather as we are driving to New Haven and taking the train in from there. Our seats are good and we can't wait to see friends that we haven't seen in awhile.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funny and Strange Sleeping Positions

Molly sleeping with her head in the couch
Mia taking her afternoon nap on her back stretched out

Mia caught on the bed solid comfort

"Who is sleeping in my bed? It is just right not too soft and not too hard" Molly enjoys

Mia's favorite way to sleep

Josh and Jess asked to see some funny and strange sleeping positions. Well I found these I hope you enjoy them as much as we do

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have been tagged

this is what I found after being tagged sorry it is not too clear it is Molly and Linda at the ASSA Nationals in Virginia Beach We had a good time our first National and we learned alot and met so many nice people. Can't wait to go again. WE now have to tag 5 other friends so here we go
This is what you should do:Open a document or file folder,Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo.Post the photo and describe it.Then tag 5 other bloggers
here they are
windsor shelties
lacewood shelties

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunny Winter Afternoon

Okay do we look clean?
Sam & Molly Mia flew the coop
" Now listen everyone sits till I take a picture"
Mia had to climb in with Sam & Molly
Sam and Molly cuddling
Today was sunny and warm enough that we could finally give baths to our dingy winter dogs. So down to the grooming area we went and the assembly line started. After a good clean bath and rinse we fluffed and brushed and trimmed. The result was nice smelling and much better looking Shelties. We then decided to take some photos which meant we tried to get the 3 amigos to sit together and behave NO Way 2 would sit and one would move usually the little one Mia. As you can see in the pictures. By tomorrow (if not tonight) they will be on their way to the next bath:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looks Like A Long Winter

I haven't had any news to post the weather has been frigid and snowing. The dogs are not happy going out for long and neither am I so we are in mostly. The weather is schedule to warm up by the weekend so I hope to get out with some pictures and new news. 3 dogs and 2 cats doing chase in the house gets interesting at times after about 2 minutes time out is called! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Junior Handler

It was a cold day but the sun was out and my granddaughter was here for the day a treat we both love. She asked if she could go out and "show " Mia as we practice which is good for the dogs and Jenna. She loves being in charge and it doesn't take much to get her moving. As you can se in the pictures she is a joy and the dogs don't know what has hit them. We have a few more years to go before she can show (she showed Molly in a sweeps class last spring and won everyone stopped to watch her as she took over the ring and gave it 100% after she was done she had a standing ovation and everyone stopped to talk to her. (not bad for a 4 year old). We can't wait till she is showing. At the end of the day Mia was exhausted as you can see. I also have pictures of Molly with Jenna at the sweeps. I hope you enjoy them. This is what makes life so worthwhile watching your children (grandchildren) grow and giving back to you the pleasures of life. I wouldn't trade this for anything!

Junior Handler at work

Mia this is a show point "good stand"

good side view

nice walking Mia

catch up Mia

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Jenna and Mia

Mia totally exhausted!

Getting those important Judge Instructions

Jenna and Molly

Jenna and Molly

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Water Play

Mia decided that she was tired of not having the hose on outside to play in the water(can't explain to her that the water and hose are frozen). So today while I was cleaning and rinsing the tub Mia decided that I must have taken her water play indoors. As you can see she loves biting the water and getting as wet as she can (could she be a water dog and not a herding ???) When we go to the bay or ocean she has to be on a lead as she just goes out and won't come back never had a sheltie like her. She keeps us on our toes and entertained

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today was our after Christmas Party and Sheltie club meeting. We all take a wrapped gift, food dish to share and of course our dogs! After our meeting we fill our plates to settle down and visit with other members and friends. While this happens the dogs are allowed to run free and play in a large secure indoor area. They love playing chase, just checking each other out or whatever. It is a unique thing that when Shelties are with Shelties they all seem to get along as if they know each other. Mia had a wonderful time Molly would rather sit and watch she is more reserved but Mia is the life of the party as her name portrays PaRay's Catch Me If You Can :) The ride home was quiet as both dogs slept after a afternoon of fun. It will be another month before we get together again. It is Sunday evening the wood stove is going the house is nice and warm I am working at the computer and the 3 dogs are laying at my feet sleeping a wonderful peaceful night that I wouldn't trade for anything. We forget at times that it is just the simple things in life that bring us the most happiness.... family, health and the unconditional love of our pets I wish this for all of you.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year may this be a happy and healthy year. Snow fell again yesterday and the temperature dropped to below freezing. Keeping the dogs in isn't hard with Sam and Molly but Mia is another story she just wants to be out no matter what the weather is so I have to keep a eye on her and bring her in so she doesn't get cold or ice in her feet. We have all the decorations down from Christmas and the house is just about back to normal (whatever that is I can't seem to remember with 3 shelties and 2 cats living with us) The household revolves around the animals usually. I told my daughter that after it snows we must have the cleanest deck, stairs and cleared paths in the neighborhood all this for the comfort of the animals. We are looking to spring and the starting of the show season again, a chance to show our dogs and renew our friendships with other Sheltie people. January is a quiet month with most days spent indoors , February is also a indoor month but we can see March right around the corner and spring will be following (Hurrah). I've post a couple of pictures as you can see Mia is running with no feet on the ground as Sam is out to get her, the usual Mia and Sam play she torments him and he chases her.The other pictures is Sam and Mia, Sam and Mia The snow tastes good, 3 dogs racing to see who can catch the snow first