Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catching up on what is new

mom put me down I want to play no pictures


Tucker resting before another game starts

Come on Tucker lets get moving

New deck how can I escape now

dinner time!! hurry mom

I really don't care for this thing mom

learning table manners

baiting isn't a bad thing " treats "

Well we now have summer days and cooler nights wish it would last longer. All our flowers and vegetable plants are dying and drying up.Time to pick up the yard and put things away before we get a frost followed by snow. Noah has blown his coat and is naked so we wait for his new coat to come in . ,He just needs 2 majors and it is hard to get those higher number in this area Mia's coat is coming in nicely.she will soon be her ball of fur.The 2 puppies are just about done growing, Their coats filling in,and loosing the puppy look and getting the mature dog look (but I guess no one has told them that as they still think they are puppies). They are learning to be on a leash stand on the table and be groomed as they have been handle and socialize since birth. .Linda is teaching them show protocol and the art of baiting; Hopefully they will be in the ring soon.Molly is back to being Molly, and Sam is getting up in age he runs but not far and finds a spot to lie down and watch. That is about it for now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Mom's Information and news Please read

We know that you must know our mom she is always running around and loves to talk about us. There are some days when she doesn't run as much so we asked her to tell you her story. At first she said no but after bugging her allot she said ok. We love our Mom a whole bunch and she, Linda and Dad would do anything for us we are so lucky to live here but that is another story today is mom's.Hi my name is Pat and I am a very lucky person. I have 3 wonderful children and a terrific husband, Bob.I was a nurse for over 30 years a job that I can compare to no other. The pride, gratitude and humility I got was by far more then I ever gave. I am what you probably call a very busy outdoor person. I love to be out in my yard with the dogs,planting, painting (usually more on me), and working on a project or two ( poor Linda and my husband) They hear me say "I been thinking...."(and they look to heaven and say now what ). However the past year and a half I have had allot of heath issues which even with pushing myself I couldn't over come them. I cracked my wrist a year ago last June in a fall that I took digging a hole trying to jump on the shovel to push it in the ground definitely not a good idea when you are not in your 20's LOL and also injured my shoulder. I worked and talked my way around that but I also at that time started to have back pain I ignored it for a few months then when it got worst I said Iwill try injections in the spine to see if that works the first set of 3 injections helped the second set (6 months later ) made it worse. It came to the point where I was walking bent over in pain and not able to do much. Now I saw a neuro surgeon who ordered a MRI and said you have no more disc in your L4 and L5 back and you need surgery. So I have had the surgery done August 18 and came home and again returned to the hospital to have my back incision opened again to have a screw that had gone through my bone into a muscle removed as it was causing problems. After another few days recovering I am home again moving but very slowly using a walker and cane. With no other problems I hope to be back to "normal " in 12 weeks. This is going to be very hard for me to do I have a nurse and physical therapist coming into our home for now till I can go there.I am missing the dog shows and Linda with Bob has picked up the dog care and other jobs. I guess that now while we are talking health I am going to tell you my other 'News" I have had Parkinson's Disease for the past 10 years and never have I said "Why Me" or "Poor ME" I have always felt that we take what we get and deal with it. There are good days and not so good days I know that it has been harder on my family as they worry that I don't always stop and think about what I do, I just do it. I am telling you this at this time because if you see me using a cane or a walker (I hope not) you will know why. And for those who have a physical disability problem don't let it over come you and stop you from what you want to do. We have had a few dear club people who are now quite ill but I am sure that for years have kept going even on bad days because they love what they were doing. The same is true for me I love my family, hobbies and dogs Linda and Bob will be picking up the extra work I do for I hope a short time.I love the dog shows, and excitement and caring for the dogs. Watching a puppy being born and being excited planning it's future and planning if this is the one the next :CHAMPION". SO THANK YOU LINDA, BOB, AND MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. If you see me wobble or trip just know that I am okay just not quite up to par for the day but better days do come. As I am Irish I let the Irish saying carry me
An Old Irish Blessing
May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
Bring the best to ou and yours!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer of 2010

Mom look out this ball has a leak Mia, Six, Tucker

Ok I am ready to jump but Six broke it!

Where is this water coming from?

LOOK Six I found it Now to catch it!

Tucker and Six quiet time before bed

First let me say I am sorry for being so lax on updating the blog. When summer arrives I am outdoors all day. Either with the dogs, gardening or doing odd jobs (that I see and decide that this would be a quick project it never is :). It has been a very warm and hot summer the dogs are in their pool daily sometimes we share our feet with them to cool down. Noah has decided to be in charge of the hose he picks it up and proceeds to squirt whoever is near, now the chaos starts as the rest want the hose talk about children! The puppies have grown 6 months old now My little devil who I named 6 (six) is going to start showing this fall we hope. The second one, Tucker is growing but may just be on the smaller size we will see he has a gorgeous coat, great personality with the tail always wagging and looking for a game or such. He loves to be cuddled which pleases me :).We had to have Molly spayed as she developed Pyrometra after her last breeding she was very sick but now is back to couch retirement. We have been doing some shows Noah needs 2 majors to finish he has done very well as has Linda handling him. We have had some visitors this summer not invited by us but by the 4 legged residents. Sassy took our first visitor in a deceased bird and decided to drop it on Linda's bed so she could share in her happiness, (that isn't exactly what occurred as Linda ended up stripping and cleaning the room and bed to make sure the deceased was gone. Next Ollie decided to bring in a mouse during the night apparently he let it go and it ran under the water dish (the closest safe place) Ollie then proceeded to drag the bowl to the middle of the floor then went to bed. the next morning my husband, Bob, got up saw the dish picked it up and out ran Mr. Mouse to hide under the refrigerator but in his haste he also expired from the refrigerator fan. Then one morning I was up early and doing some computer work and kept seeing Ollie sitting in front of our wood stove not his usual thing. during the morning we were all in and out as were the dogs and cats. I came in to get something and there sitting staring at me was Mr. Squirrel he started jumping off the windows and running I ran and got Bob and Linda locked out the dogs opened the doors and took a broom out he ran. I am so happy that I came in and the dogs were out. He had fallen down the chimney and came out into the family room we have since put screening over the chimney openings. I can do without any of those guest :o) Our grandchildren (ages 4 & 6 ) have been over and we do their special time with them and we have gone to New Hampshire to see our oldest granddaughter in a summer playhouse she is now working there as a director plus getting her license and getting ready for her senior year. I can't believe how fast time slips by.That is a summery of what has been going on here I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer fall is right around the corner. I am including some pictures I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Its already August?!?!

Wow where had the time gone?? I just realized that we havent updated our blog in several months!!!!! Summer is half over, the puppies have grown and things have been busy here as they usually are in Summer.

We ended up keeping 2 of Mia's puppies...YES Two. My mom just could not part with the little one, who is just a happy go lucky puppy with his tail always wagging. We ended up naming him Tucker. He has recently discovered that his two front legs work rather well for digging holes the size of him....and somehow makes the dirt disappear!!

The other puppy we ended up keeping for show hopefully, he has had many names. They all started out being called squeaky squeaky. Than he was Lucifer because he was the little devil in the litter. I told my mom we couldnt keep his name Lucifer so she said well than his name is 666, it was shortened to Six. He is not as devil like now thank goodness he grew out of that stage :).

The other puppy went to a lovely family who has another Sheltie and they call him Jeter.

We ended up having to spay Molly after breeding her she developed Pyometra, thankfully we caught it in time before she ended up really sick or worse. She is now retired to the couch and loving every minute of it :)

Mia is coming back into coat, we hope to have her out at a few shows later this year.

Sam is retired from his Nanny duties.

Last weekend I showed Noah he went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and than Best of Breed. In doing this he is now singled out for his AKC Championship. Now we are on the hunt for Majors. He has done a phenomenal job showing and achieving this with limited showing and just a year old.

They are all spoiled here every day they have a pool party, next they will want their lounge chairs and drinks poolside :D

My mom has more stories to post..I just figured I'd get the ball rolling! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Weeks The Boys Are Growing

Nap time is always together, ears to be re-glued after naptime!
That face gets me every time

Family picture Toby (father), Tansy (sister), and Noah

Who is chasing who in the tunnel?

Where did they go

beautiful brothers

Well it has been 10 weeks of anticipation, some worrying, lost sleep and lots of love and laugher. I must tell you all that I have had a unbelievable experience with this litter and wouldn't have missed it for anything. The love and life these 3 have given to everyone they meet. They love company and will play with human and animals alike I can't imagine what they will be like when grown but I am sure they will be remembered by the people whose life they fill. Each pup has his own personality and I can tell what each one is up to by their actions. We have them crate trained they sleep all night (have since birth) but now the crate is dry, during the day they are in and out and so we have them half housebroken. They still have no names yet but soon . Noah has been showing and is up to 5 points after 8 shows !! Way to go Noah.........Molly is hopefully filling out in coat and will be showing in about a month. Mia is probably not going to hit the ring till fall as she blew coat after the puppies.Sam is filling his role as the Nanny and the pups love him they listen to him better then they do to Mia. I'll update the pups again in another week till then enjoy the pictures:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Boys at 5 Weeks

Follow the leader Mia giving a kiss and advice

Okay listen up time to play!

I am going this way

Well then I am going to see this place

Himmmm lip smacking snack "thanks Mom"

Off again to explor

Hurry they want to catch us!!

Wait up guys I am coming too

End of a busy day tomorrow we do it again :)

I can not believe how quickly these 3 boys have grown. Everyday brings new growth and development and plenty of new laughs and memories. They have the most amazing personalities each one is different yet the same. They have been socialized daily and the past 2 days we took them outside to play it takes Linda and I constantly running to keep up with them they are like little race cars taking the corners at 90 MPH rolling over and never putting the brakes on. Seeing them discovering all the things we never think about is a new awakening for me. Spring is starting and all the new life that comes with it is wonderful. Mia has decided that her kids are old enough to not need her that much she still comes if she hears one cry (when one of the boys bites the other) but other then that she tends to ignore them that is okay as there is Sam, Molly and Noah who hover over the boys. we are waiting a few more weeks to decide who maybe a show ring candidate right now they all look good so it maybe a tough decision. Noah will be back showing in another week or so we are starting a busy show schedule hopefully he does well. Mia is out of coat so she will be out of the ring Molly maybe showing her coat is starting to fill out. I will update again in a week or so.Enjoy the pictures

Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Weeks Old

The boys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow their eyes are open and hearing should be this week. They are tottering all over the whelping box and eating non stop. We see more interaction with each other and they seem to recognize our smell. They love to cuddle in your neck and I love them doing it. My granddaughter changes their names every time she visits this week it is Speedy, Sleepy and Scooter (all s's must be the letter of the week in kindnergarten :) We will start to evaluate them in the coming weeks but for now they are all the same and that is fine. Once they are hearing and walking little better they will have lots of socialization. This week we will move them to the center hub of the house where it is chaos at times with the dogs and endless people in and out. the kitchen/family room/ pet door. The wood stove will be on and they can watch the action. I have posted a few pictures of how they have grown. Will update weekly on them now .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puppies on Cam

We have put the puppies and Mia on live cam during the day if you would like to check them the address is They are gaining and growing daily Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We know it made a difference.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mia's Litter

After breakfast nap 3 males 2/13/2010
2/14/2010 belly is full

Mia and her puppies eating as usual 2/14/2010

We have been on pins and needles waiting on this litter from Mia. She was bred to CH Sandance Ardastra. We had a x-ray done and 5 puppies have been confirmed Mia is schedule for a c-section as she is on the smaller size and the vet and Linda and I don't want to risk a middle of the night delivery (as happened with Molly and due to poor, neglectful care we lost her singular pup.) Progesterone levels were done and on Monday afternoon Feb. 8 Mia had her section. Linda and I were worried and anxious as we waited they brought out our puppy carrier and showed us 6 puppies somehow one had been missed on the X-ray. All alive but small. After 2 hours we started for home and haven't stopped yet. Mia's milk didn't come in and she woke up to discover all these small creatures climbing around her, she had no idea on what to do. We supplemented by feeding the puppies by the time we were done it was time to feed again. Tuesday brought with it a weak little male that we worked to reverse his condition but we were unsuccessful he died early Wed. morning. We traveled back to our vet with ALL of them. Mia checked ok and we were taught to tube feed the rest of our puppies. (I never thought this was something we have to do.) At midnight we lost a little girl and our last little a girl wasn't doing that well either Linda spent the full day caring for her never letting her out of her sight. Mia's now has milk and the other puppies are eating . I do the night shift with help if I find that I need it. I fed the last little girl during the night, Linda was up at 5:30 and took her from me it was like she was waiting for her as she just took a few more breathes and went to join her sister and brother at the rainbow bridge. We are heartbroken on this loss but realize that they were too small. We did all we could never leaving our whelping room but it wasn't enough to save these 3 beautiful shelties. The other 3 males are eating and growing no problems that we can see. If you have a minute please say a prayer that they continue to thrive. I will add pictures very soon of all the puppies we just haven't had time to catch up. I will also update here every couple of days. Linda and I would like to thank everyone who has sent us best wishes and prayers.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fabulous Weekend For Noah

Noah and Annie
Tansy and Megan Noah and Linda

We ended our 3 days of showing in Fitchburg, Ma and each day Noah did a fantastic job. Today Noah placed Winners Dog,Best Of Winners, Best Of Opposite and now has another point (2 points in 3 shows) Thank you judge Mrs. Betty Jo Patrick. We are so pleased with Noah's placements. Linda showed Noah today and again the Rabbit Run group dominated. Annie (Ch. Shelhaven Rabbit Run Rhapsody) winning Breed, Tansy, (Rabbit Run Fun And Games), won Winners Bitch. We had a wonderful time with Connie and Megan they are great mentors and we learn so much from them. I have posted pictures from today. Thanks for letting me brag :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Noah First Show

Noah started his show ring career at the Fitchburg, Ma weekend show with a bang. On Friday he took First in Puppies 6 to 9 months and then went and took Reserve.Thank you Judge Dr Kenneth A. Doeg and a Big Thank You to Megan Nelson who handled Noah beautifully and groomed him to perfection. Noah then had a sleep over with Megan and her mom, Connie Nelson and his littermate Tansy,(Rabbit Run Fun And Games) and Annie ( Ch.Shelhaven Rabbit Run Rhapsody) Tansy won Winners, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3. Annie took Breed and Group 2.
It was a wonderful day for the Rabbit Run gang. Today Megan again showed Noah and he took Winners Dog and Best of Opposite for his first point! Thank you Judge Joseph G. Reno. Megan thank you again for all your work and handling our boy. Tansy took First and Breed today she is a beautiful girl. Show pictures will come soon we took a few pictures yesterday which I have put up. Way to go Noah !!