Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Weeks The Boys Are Growing

Nap time is always together, ears to be re-glued after naptime!
That face gets me every time

Family picture Toby (father), Tansy (sister), and Noah

Who is chasing who in the tunnel?

Where did they go

beautiful brothers

Well it has been 10 weeks of anticipation, some worrying, lost sleep and lots of love and laugher. I must tell you all that I have had a unbelievable experience with this litter and wouldn't have missed it for anything. The love and life these 3 have given to everyone they meet. They love company and will play with human and animals alike I can't imagine what they will be like when grown but I am sure they will be remembered by the people whose life they fill. Each pup has his own personality and I can tell what each one is up to by their actions. We have them crate trained they sleep all night (have since birth) but now the crate is dry, during the day they are in and out and so we have them half housebroken. They still have no names yet but soon . Noah has been showing and is up to 5 points after 8 shows !! Way to go Noah.........Molly is hopefully filling out in coat and will be showing in about a month. Mia is probably not going to hit the ring till fall as she blew coat after the puppies.Sam is filling his role as the Nanny and the pups love him they listen to him better then they do to Mia. I'll update the pups again in another week till then enjoy the pictures:)