Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I haven't seen you in forever! :)

Tag your it

ohhh look more dogs!

If we run around fast enough it drives the others nuts! :)

Where did she go?!

Here I am!

Today Linda and I went with Noah to visit our good friend and mentor Connie of Rabbit Run Shelties. Noah had a good time playing with his sister, Tansy. Noah heard Connie's voice and his tail started wagging then he saw his sister and he couldn't stop jumping. They ran and played and enjoyed each other immensely. Connie then re-set his ears and trimmed him, by the time we left he was sooooo handsome. Thank you Connie.I put on some pictures of Noah and his sister playing you can see how happy they were.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cape Cod Adventures

Little Puddle under the Grooming Tent

Light Rain

Molly Getting groomed

Noah Passed out

The 4 day show at Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a long standing show. It is held in Falmouth not far from the ocean. Linda and I have been going to this show for the last 5 years and every year we have a lasting experience. The first year it rained and as new show people we were not experience or knowledgeable enough to know what we should have brought with us. The second year we decided to stay in a local hotel and enjoy the Cape Cod scenery well again we had rain but this turned into a small hurricane we had canceled our hotel earlier as we decided to travel to and from the show. As we started home we hit a major traffic jam the only bridge off the cape had been closed as the work scaffolding was flying off the bridge on cars. Now we had to try ( with many other people) to get our hotel back which we did. No clothes, dog food or anything just the clothes on our back. We managed to over come these predicaments and made it home the next day after the bridge reopened. The next year it rained again and we had wind our canopy just about blew away in the gust and so did the dogs. This year we had, of course, rain again not just a normal rain storm but down pours of rain so that our grooming area was under water and all the grounds was just a big sloppy mud pit. Showing a sheltie that you spend hours grooming and getting the coat just right but before you make it to the ring the dog is damp, wet and tossed about in the wind. Despite these difficulties we love the Cape Cod Shows. Molly took Winners Bitch and BOS today and has another point! Linda and I ended up wet to the skin and very pleased with Molly. Noah also made the trip today and did very well. Next year he and Molly and maybe Mia will all show and the rain coats will be in use again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


First time on the Table
Side Shot
Lots of Love
Mia Babysitting
Greeting Ollie

Almost tired


We were so happy when Connie Nelson of Rabbit Run Shelties approached us with news of an upcoming litter that she was excited about, and we were looking for a male to add since its tough to depend on the girls for showing since one is either blowing coat or in heat, it seems to never work well with our show season. Two weeks ago we welcomed "Noah" to our group, he is to be our new show hopeful co-owned with Connie. He is defiantly all Male! There is no doubt when you look at him, he was nicknamed "Lunchbox" by the kids up at Connie's house and the name fits him very well! At 10 weeks he was 10" couldn't ask for much more than that, fingers crossed he stays on this path. He is adjusting very well to his new surroundings, everyone has taken on a new roll, Sam is the nanny and watches over him to make sure he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't, Mia is his playmate to run with and play, and Molly well Molly is Molly she still hasn't decided if she likes him yet..this usually takes her a few months to decide if he's OK!
Noah came to us very well socialized and has a laid back personality and rolls with what ever the day may bring, as long as breakfast is on time :) He is starting to realize that there is a big world out side of his ex-pen and now wants to roam the house like the others do, however he is going to have to wait a while for this luxury.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Switching to Private Blogging for awhile

As you can see we have not posted on the blog in awhile, we have had some issues with people reading our blog and contacting us and using what is posted in the blog in a negative way towards us. To protect us and the dogs we feel the need to go private for a bit, and while we enjoy blogging and people from all over the world reading our blog, unfortunately there are very malicious people out there. Please email us with your email address so we may add you to our list to continue reading our blog. We realize that this is an inconvenience and we are sorry for that. Once we go private we will be back posting again! :) We have alot of news to share, and we have been keeping in touch with everyone's blogs!