Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer of 2010

Mom look out this ball has a leak Mia, Six, Tucker

Ok I am ready to jump but Six broke it!

Where is this water coming from?

LOOK Six I found it Now to catch it!

Tucker and Six quiet time before bed

First let me say I am sorry for being so lax on updating the blog. When summer arrives I am outdoors all day. Either with the dogs, gardening or doing odd jobs (that I see and decide that this would be a quick project it never is :). It has been a very warm and hot summer the dogs are in their pool daily sometimes we share our feet with them to cool down. Noah has decided to be in charge of the hose he picks it up and proceeds to squirt whoever is near, now the chaos starts as the rest want the hose talk about children! The puppies have grown 6 months old now My little devil who I named 6 (six) is going to start showing this fall we hope. The second one, Tucker is growing but may just be on the smaller size we will see he has a gorgeous coat, great personality with the tail always wagging and looking for a game or such. He loves to be cuddled which pleases me :).We had to have Molly spayed as she developed Pyrometra after her last breeding she was very sick but now is back to couch retirement. We have been doing some shows Noah needs 2 majors to finish he has done very well as has Linda handling him. We have had some visitors this summer not invited by us but by the 4 legged residents. Sassy took our first visitor in a deceased bird and decided to drop it on Linda's bed so she could share in her happiness, (that isn't exactly what occurred as Linda ended up stripping and cleaning the room and bed to make sure the deceased was gone. Next Ollie decided to bring in a mouse during the night apparently he let it go and it ran under the water dish (the closest safe place) Ollie then proceeded to drag the bowl to the middle of the floor then went to bed. the next morning my husband, Bob, got up saw the dish picked it up and out ran Mr. Mouse to hide under the refrigerator but in his haste he also expired from the refrigerator fan. Then one morning I was up early and doing some computer work and kept seeing Ollie sitting in front of our wood stove not his usual thing. during the morning we were all in and out as were the dogs and cats. I came in to get something and there sitting staring at me was Mr. Squirrel he started jumping off the windows and running I ran and got Bob and Linda locked out the dogs opened the doors and took a broom out he ran. I am so happy that I came in and the dogs were out. He had fallen down the chimney and came out into the family room we have since put screening over the chimney openings. I can do without any of those guest :o) Our grandchildren (ages 4 & 6 ) have been over and we do their special time with them and we have gone to New Hampshire to see our oldest granddaughter in a summer playhouse she is now working there as a director plus getting her license and getting ready for her senior year. I can't believe how fast time slips by.That is a summery of what has been going on here I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer fall is right around the corner. I am including some pictures I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Its already August?!?!

Wow where had the time gone?? I just realized that we havent updated our blog in several months!!!!! Summer is half over, the puppies have grown and things have been busy here as they usually are in Summer.

We ended up keeping 2 of Mia's puppies...YES Two. My mom just could not part with the little one, who is just a happy go lucky puppy with his tail always wagging. We ended up naming him Tucker. He has recently discovered that his two front legs work rather well for digging holes the size of him....and somehow makes the dirt disappear!!

The other puppy we ended up keeping for show hopefully, he has had many names. They all started out being called squeaky squeaky. Than he was Lucifer because he was the little devil in the litter. I told my mom we couldnt keep his name Lucifer so she said well than his name is 666, it was shortened to Six. He is not as devil like now thank goodness he grew out of that stage :).

The other puppy went to a lovely family who has another Sheltie and they call him Jeter.

We ended up having to spay Molly after breeding her she developed Pyometra, thankfully we caught it in time before she ended up really sick or worse. She is now retired to the couch and loving every minute of it :)

Mia is coming back into coat, we hope to have her out at a few shows later this year.

Sam is retired from his Nanny duties.

Last weekend I showed Noah he went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and than Best of Breed. In doing this he is now singled out for his AKC Championship. Now we are on the hunt for Majors. He has done a phenomenal job showing and achieving this with limited showing and just a year old.

They are all spoiled here every day they have a pool party, next they will want their lounge chairs and drinks poolside :D

My mom has more stories to post..I just figured I'd get the ball rolling! :)