Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Snow...

Noah and Tucker
Mia had a snow malfunction :)
Chasing snowballs
Noah and Tucker playing
Tucker saying "really"!?!
The snow half way up the outside fencing

It seems like this winter has been going on forever, it snows atleast every week, and not just a few inches, we're talking feet...The snow is half way up the outer 6ft fencing, and we had to shovel around the inside 3ft fence as Six decided he could clear it and go where ever he wanted to go!! When the dogs run around the made paths (we've since given up doing this as its too much snow) you lose sight of them. We desperately need a winter thaw here and I dare to say it will be months before we see grass!!

For Christmas I received a very nice digital SLR camera (Canon 60D), and I have been practicing with it, however it would be nice to take pictures of some nice greenery and flowers instead of snow and ice!! A few months Noah will be back out in the ring looking for those ever elusive majors, and once Six starts to mature he will be out as well. Molly has settled into the couch mode like she was made for it :) Shes very happy hanging around the house all day. Mia although still the littlest one here (her offspring surpassed her!) is still in charge and ruling the roost.

Winters are typically very slow and boring here and with no litters this winter we dont have too much to update, although I'll try to be better about it and not wait months!! :)