Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Weeks Old

The boys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow their eyes are open and hearing should be this week. They are tottering all over the whelping box and eating non stop. We see more interaction with each other and they seem to recognize our smell. They love to cuddle in your neck and I love them doing it. My granddaughter changes their names every time she visits this week it is Speedy, Sleepy and Scooter (all s's must be the letter of the week in kindnergarten :) We will start to evaluate them in the coming weeks but for now they are all the same and that is fine. Once they are hearing and walking little better they will have lots of socialization. This week we will move them to the center hub of the house where it is chaos at times with the dogs and endless people in and out. the kitchen/family room/ pet door. The wood stove will be on and they can watch the action. I have posted a few pictures of how they have grown. Will update weekly on them now .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puppies on Cam

We have put the puppies and Mia on live cam during the day if you would like to check them the address is They are gaining and growing daily Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We know it made a difference.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mia's Litter

After breakfast nap 3 males 2/13/2010
2/14/2010 belly is full

Mia and her puppies eating as usual 2/14/2010

We have been on pins and needles waiting on this litter from Mia. She was bred to CH Sandance Ardastra. We had a x-ray done and 5 puppies have been confirmed Mia is schedule for a c-section as she is on the smaller size and the vet and Linda and I don't want to risk a middle of the night delivery (as happened with Molly and due to poor, neglectful care we lost her singular pup.) Progesterone levels were done and on Monday afternoon Feb. 8 Mia had her section. Linda and I were worried and anxious as we waited they brought out our puppy carrier and showed us 6 puppies somehow one had been missed on the X-ray. All alive but small. After 2 hours we started for home and haven't stopped yet. Mia's milk didn't come in and she woke up to discover all these small creatures climbing around her, she had no idea on what to do. We supplemented by feeding the puppies by the time we were done it was time to feed again. Tuesday brought with it a weak little male that we worked to reverse his condition but we were unsuccessful he died early Wed. morning. We traveled back to our vet with ALL of them. Mia checked ok and we were taught to tube feed the rest of our puppies. (I never thought this was something we have to do.) At midnight we lost a little girl and our last little a girl wasn't doing that well either Linda spent the full day caring for her never letting her out of her sight. Mia's now has milk and the other puppies are eating . I do the night shift with help if I find that I need it. I fed the last little girl during the night, Linda was up at 5:30 and took her from me it was like she was waiting for her as she just took a few more breathes and went to join her sister and brother at the rainbow bridge. We are heartbroken on this loss but realize that they were too small. We did all we could never leaving our whelping room but it wasn't enough to save these 3 beautiful shelties. The other 3 males are eating and growing no problems that we can see. If you have a minute please say a prayer that they continue to thrive. I will add pictures very soon of all the puppies we just haven't had time to catch up. I will also update here every couple of days. Linda and I would like to thank everyone who has sent us best wishes and prayers.