Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Boys at 5 Weeks

Follow the leader Mia giving a kiss and advice

Okay listen up time to play!

I am going this way

Well then I am going to see this place

Himmmm lip smacking snack "thanks Mom"

Off again to explor

Hurry they want to catch us!!

Wait up guys I am coming too

End of a busy day tomorrow we do it again :)

I can not believe how quickly these 3 boys have grown. Everyday brings new growth and development and plenty of new laughs and memories. They have the most amazing personalities each one is different yet the same. They have been socialized daily and the past 2 days we took them outside to play it takes Linda and I constantly running to keep up with them they are like little race cars taking the corners at 90 MPH rolling over and never putting the brakes on. Seeing them discovering all the things we never think about is a new awakening for me. Spring is starting and all the new life that comes with it is wonderful. Mia has decided that her kids are old enough to not need her that much she still comes if she hears one cry (when one of the boys bites the other) but other then that she tends to ignore them that is okay as there is Sam, Molly and Noah who hover over the boys. we are waiting a few more weeks to decide who maybe a show ring candidate right now they all look good so it maybe a tough decision. Noah will be back showing in another week or so we are starting a busy show schedule hopefully he does well. Mia is out of coat so she will be out of the ring Molly maybe showing her coat is starting to fill out. I will update again in a week or so.Enjoy the pictures