Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mia Being Silly!!

Mia Discovered today the cats toys up in their condo. She discovered their ball/feather toy and thought it was the best thing. Mia kept trying to get it to come with her and couldnt figure out why it just wasnt going!! She was entertaining as it kept sling shoting across the room! Ollie just laid on the couch watching his toy go back and forth :). However Ollie decided to join in on the fun after awhile and he became the "new" toy! (see part 2 below)

Part 2...Ollie Joins in

Ollie decided that he had enough of his toys being used and decided to step in and retake his territory....This is probably the reason Ollie is now leaving the yard to get away from the dogs atleast once a day (but that's a whole other post;) )!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where have we Been?

You may have wondered where we have gone as it has been awhile since I posted, we have been busy with planting , laying sods (as our 3 shelties have worn out some areas mostly mia :)). We have also been showing and having family get togethers in our all too short summer. We also decided to repave our driveway. We contacted a company to do this which meant removing 6-8 inches of concrete which in areas is breaking up and had left holes in the driveway (great for ice and snow to sit in).

I should have known this wouldn’t be a simple job as they arrived at 4:30PM to start and said we will be done tonight! Okay so they unload the equipment, dump 10 yards of gravel in the middle of our road and start with sledge hammers to break up the driveway after 15 minutes it hasn’t cracked as they thought, so now this crew of 8 (all having their own ideas ) decide to use the bobcat to lift up the cement as it strains to do this the front bucket falls off! (Don’t laugh). It doesn’t re-attach so now what do they do?? Well, 8 people get on cell phones to find a backhoe again a half hour or so passes and one is on its way in the mean time there is work on the bobcat to weld the bucket back on. The boss of this crew is a woman who oversees everything. These men don’t talk to each other they yell so we have yelling, welding and sledge hammers now the back hole arrives so all work stops to go see it, meanwhile you can not travel down the road as it is covered with equipment, gravel and 8 men. Another half hour passes and now we get down to business the back hole starts pulling up the cement in chunks 4 feet by 4 feet and dropping them to break them up another noise added to the list and now the house and ground shake the dogs are barking it is wonderful but Wait! break time must stop and eat! 40 minutes later work resumes after 2 hours the concrete is all up now it has to be picked up by the bobcat and dropped into a dump truck 18 feet high hmmmmm think of this 14 feet drop of 3-5 foot concrete into empty (not for long) dump truck hold your ears. The asphalt starts going down after 8PM it is now dusk out spot lights come out 2 layers go down and have to be rolled they use a Huge blow torch to melt the asphalt as well as a machine with a burner. Almost done and I hear “OH did anyone put the pet fence wire in for the cats?” (You know the answer to that question....) NO so now that has to be put in and covered. Finally at 10:30 they are done all that is left is to finish picking up the rest of the cement and gravel and putting it in the dump truck. What else could go wrong you ask the bobcat runs out of diesel fuel!! Yes, no fuel they can’t leave all the debris in the street so off to find fuel. At 11:00Pm they return and continue to load this mess and dropping it in the truck while yelling at each other, 11:30 time to load the equipment up again yelling and machines running and noise it is midnight as they drive away I am thrilled they are gone and I know so are my neighbors thank goodness they are good neighbors. So if you wonder where I have been this is just one day (night) in our lives.
Bucket Breaks off the Bobcat
Blocking Traffic Backhoe Arrives
Big Pieces!!
Big Blue Dumptruck
Piles of debris
Pavement goes down!
Forgot the petfence..opps!
Done!!! Finally!!!!