Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Escape

Ollie filling up for the next escape

Sassie "the Queen of ALL the house"

We can tell spring is coming the birds are up and about before first light arrives busy building and claiming their nesting spots. At times it gets quite vocal as one tries to sneak into another's house. Ollie, our one of 2 cats has decided to travel as spring approaches he gets the I need to see the other side of the world itch (which means he gets over the fence and travels the neighborhood). He and Sassie our other cat wear electric collars to keep them in the yard (which is fenced in)they trained on them very quickly and stop on the boundary. However Ollie knows if he sits just on the warning line he kills the battery and then he just climbs a tree hops on the wood shed roof and over the fence. He will return when he is hungry (he never misses a meal). There are quite a few foxes and coyotes around so that is the reason we keep them in the yard where it is safe. So a new battery for Ollie and he will be back in the yard till the urge hits him again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning Dogs

Molly starting to coat up
Mia in full coat

Mia looks ready

Well, not just the house gets spring cleaning done. Yesterday was the dogs day to get baths, trimmed and into getting them show ready (we have been working on them but now it is on a schedule). We just found out that 3 of our shows are grooming out in a tent in April not exactly a ideal setup with April being cold and always worrying that the last snow fall can still show up, we will see how it goes. I have posted a couple of pictures from yesterday. It is as you all know a never ending work in progress with coat issues, who is chewing on someone's coat and/or tail, and the spring muds. The tub will be in full time use now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Project Completed

These are pre-project pictures
First Coat of Paint
Picture Frame Molding goes up
The Finished Project

We (mostly Linda and my husband, Bob) have finished the make over in the dining room. It is quite a change and I love the new look. It also has gotten me to spring clean the other ajoining rooms so that gives me a good feeling too. I have posted pictures of the before, during and completed project I hope you enjoy them. I will post the dogs again soon

Monday, March 2, 2009

Post snow storm

I see you coming
watching from the deck

molly being Alfa

everyone wants a hug

sam; is it time to go in and get warm?

Mia trying to pin Molly


Snow is little deep

molly is planning her attack

Mia on the run

mia going down

Mia thinks she is Alfa poor Sam he doesn't have chance


Here she comes

Mia and sam

who can jump higher

Mia your going down!

Keep running Mia

Beautiful Molly

who can bark louder?

Well the snow came, and left more then we wanted and has continued up into Maine. It was a heavy snow and we worked all morning cleaning up after it. The 3 stooges (Sam, Molly and Mia) decided to attack and chase each other all day we took pictures which I have posted some look like they are killing each other but it is how they talk and play no one ever bites the other although Sam and Molly at times can't take Mia nipping at their legs and feet anymore and will chase her all over the yard to get her (usually they can't catch her but today the snow slowed Mia down and she wasn't as lucky). It will be a early night tonight this winter has pooped me out! This Saturday we start daylight savings time we turn the clocks ahead one hour and as Spring comes we get more daylight to enjoy the days I can't wait for spring.