Wednesday, December 23, 2009


from our house to yours Happy Holidays
Mia climbing on Molly wants to be taller

Molly "I'm the leader"

Noah "What is this white stuff"?

Mia pulling Sam's tail

Noah "I decided I like this white stuff"

from snow to blizzard!!

Mia "it is over my head and body HELP"

how do I get to where you are?
You jump!!
Mia lands on Molly
snow piles

paths and tight quarters
Noah "do I look good in white"?

I can't believe that Christmas is here already with New Year's chasing right behind. Where has this year gone?? I would say it has been a busy year for us we (Linda) had alot of construction and decorating to do plus we added a new sheltie member, Noah, which as you know it takes alot more of your time with a new puppy.All in all it has been a good year a few bumps but we are learning to glide over them:) We want to wish all our Sheltie friends, our family and other friends a very Merry Christmas may you all be blessed in this up coming year. We look forward to meeting up with some of you at shows this spring. We are having snow on the ground this Christmas so Santa will be able to land his sled with no difficulty. I have posted a few new pictures of the gang enjoy.