Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where Do The Days Go ??????

Front of the house

Another View

Mia and Sam looking at the neighbors

Mia waiting to play

We had to put lattice up to keep them from eating bushes/rocks

Different fenced in areas to seperate when we have to

Sam waiting for the ball to land

Mia has the ball but her head disappeared

where will the ball land?

This way, no this way...either way Sam barks!

I can't believe where the days go this time of the year is the best in my opinion days are longer we have sun (not much lately) and showers ( so we don't have to water as much) the temperature is comfortable with no humidity and everything is opening up and growing. It seems like we cut the grass every 3 days or so and we are planting the annuals and weeding as the weeds grow as fast or faster then the plants :) The dogs have been out most of the days by choice just playing and napping. Mia hasn't got the napping stage yet she just runs and plays driving Sam, Molly and the cats crazy. Linda and I try to play with the group twice a day with that and getting the grooming done for shows it has been busy. Today we took pictures of the yard and some of our flowers and Sam, Molly and (Jack in the box) Mia playing with their favorite toy the BIG BALL. Hope you enjoy them.