Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catching up on what is new

mom put me down I want to play no pictures


Tucker resting before another game starts

Come on Tucker lets get moving

New deck how can I escape now

dinner time!! hurry mom

I really don't care for this thing mom

learning table manners

baiting isn't a bad thing " treats "

Well we now have summer days and cooler nights wish it would last longer. All our flowers and vegetable plants are dying and drying up.Time to pick up the yard and put things away before we get a frost followed by snow. Noah has blown his coat and is naked so we wait for his new coat to come in . ,He just needs 2 majors and it is hard to get those higher number in this area Mia's coat is coming in nicely.she will soon be her ball of fur.The 2 puppies are just about done growing, Their coats filling in,and loosing the puppy look and getting the mature dog look (but I guess no one has told them that as they still think they are puppies). They are learning to be on a leash stand on the table and be groomed as they have been handle and socialize since birth. .Linda is teaching them show protocol and the art of baiting; Hopefully they will be in the ring soon.Molly is back to being Molly, and Sam is getting up in age he runs but not far and finds a spot to lie down and watch. That is about it for now.

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