Sunday, October 2, 2011

It was a wet, soaking, muddy, rain (sometimes pouring) this past weekend and you would think, who would want to be out in this weather? Well My mom, myself and my niece, Jenna, did and we had a wonderful time. We put up our easyup and worked from the van. It was our first UKC (United Kennel Club) show. We had a great time the people were friendly and we had a good number of people there. We did 2 shows in one day how nice that was! Jenna showed Noah in the Sub-Junior Class and took first place for both shows. She looks so good in the ring we had so many compliments on her showing. The judges were very kid orientated and passed on helpful tips to all the kids there. The judges asked questions to the kids and had them work their dog’s in different ring patterns (all I have to say is thank god they dont make the adults do this! :) ) Thank you to Judge Antonio Raposo and Judge David Arthur every junior did well. Next I showed in the regular Conformation classes with Noah, he went BOB and than went onto take group 2 placements for each show! We came home tired but very happy with Noah’s placing. We are looking forward to our next show.

Jenna at the morning show

Getting asked the tough questions
Noah and I in the herding groupDoing the down and back
afternoon judging
Jenna and Noah going around the ring

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Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done to everyone!! Nice of them to encourage the juniors too, lots of places don't realise the need to nurture the next generation.