Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ok Ive decided Im just as bad as my mother on updating the blog! :) I honestly do not know where the time/days go! It seems like we blinked and summer was over. I can not say we had an eventful summer just some little events. We started the summer off cool, but boy did that change come July! It was HOT and humid the whole month! August started out the same way being hot and dry but by the end of the month Hurricane Irene had set her sights on New she came though with a vengence...we were without power for almost 4 days! Talk about almost going crazy!! :) We had shown on Saturday while Irene was working her way up, which was odd because the next days show was cancelled so the show grounds were quite empty and almost a ghost town! Driving home was also interesting as the bands of heavy rain made driving difficult at best! We got power back and it was time to head up to the Maine shows, Noah did not get any points, but we had a great time and it was a nice break after the week we had!

There is still some residual remnants left behind from Irene that will take some time to fix up,like the beach where I bring the dogs from what ive heard now has a 8 foot drop from the parking lot to the water where it used to be a sandy slope before. I have not ventured down there yet I have only saw pictures in the paper. It is still quite warm up here, which is abnormal, we are anxiously awaiting more comfortable temperatures or atleast cool enough so we has shut the A/C off! They are saying maybe next weekend should be cooler..

Below are a few pictures of our summer! Enjoy!!!! And I'll try to be better about updating! :)

Noah and Six playing Tetherball
Six Playing in the sprinkler
Tucker in the Bay
Noah showing in West Springfield at the start of the Hurricane Irene
Looking down out street, the tree just missed their car!

Tree fell on a house down near the water
The water in the bay was moving soo quickly it was going over the docksNeighbors uprooted Oak Tree
Neighbors uprooted Tree the trunk of the tree was atleast 3' around!!
Noah playing in Maine
Noah getting groomed

Noah at the Maine shows
Noah being Handled by Tony
End of summer pool Party!!
My mom taking using the chainsaw to cut the wood from one of the uprooted trees so it would fit on the log splitter.

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